Her life had taken so many unexpected turns,

Yet there were so many lessons to learn.

It was a painful but a learning process,

Flattered by her progress, she was pleased with the attributes she now possessed.

Honesty, a fierce quality that strengthened her wit,

The truth always offended someone who was not ready to swallow it.

One of the many lessons she learned, 

All she wanted was the love to be returned.

Love is something that is bestowed upon others in different ways, 

Sometimes it is misunderstood and misses a little praise. 

Stronger than you know, 

Another lesson, expect and take a blow. 

She put her trust in herself and moved on, 

The bitterness went away and when despair had gone,

A new free soul, A WARRIOR was born.

As quiet as a church mouse, she slipped out of the victimizing acquaintance, 

The mistakes she made were now friends with acceptance.

Now she chose people that chose her, 

“She to whom this world must itself refer.”(Donne, John (1611). “An Anatomy Of The World”)



She touched me without using her hands,

Triggering every emotion that I don’t understand.

I found peace in her divine eyes,

But is there a place for me inside? 

She was like the treacherous sunset that shook my soul,

The sun hid and there was darkness, I faintly went out of control.

Always admiring that masterpiece from afar,

Blinded by her beauty, made me wish see a shooting star.

Sometimes just being a distant friend is not enough,

Also letting the heart out does get tough. 

“You make me want to be a better man”,

Will bestow you with stars and believe me no one ever can.

Do not despise the crafty stares of an unheard lover,

One day this dormant love will be discovered.

The difference of race/colour will invariably matter,

But will the power of a one sided lover disobey and let others wonder at her? 


The Inconstant Change

Sometimes fickleness of people is beyond understanding,

Capricious takedowns within the inner circle leads to disbanding.

Life will push you over the line until you go rogue on the world,

Mastering the paradox of change with stability will keep your evil submerged.

It’s a funny thing how a single immoral act out-shadows the uncountable moral ones,

The reality of human behavior is locked inside a thousand puns. 

The key is lost to this unknown reality,

So, let’s find the key and retrieve morality.

Differences are always caused by circumstances,

Sometimes between yesterday’s shadows and tomorrow’s insecurities we ruin today’s happening chances.

Hating to think about the bad things happening,

Always underestimating its likelihood of occurring.

Everyone is trying to reach god’s level,

Well stop! You can’t be god without acquainted with the devil.

This world is fueled with adversity and complexity,

You try to act saint you’ll make a fortune with perplexity. 

Learn to behave stoically in times of vexation and tribulation,

In order to save some moments of contrition. 

The art of survival is a story that never ends,

Move on make some new friends. 

Awaiting Love.

Love is the slice of insanity in one’s soul,

Acquiring it becomes a goal.

Living in false impressions,

You need to perfect your perceptions.

Buoyed by the superficial gazes,

Why are you talking in infatuated melodic phrases?

Physical attractions are easy to seek,

Intellectual correspondence is what makes you weak.

Fall for truthfulness,

Then explore your happiness.

Similarity of thoughts occur very uniquely,

Prodigies flash very rarely.

There’s nothing worse than meeting the perfect person at the wrong time,

Reflecting, luck the size of a dime.

On this ride, you will confront some black hearts,

Keep vigilant and outsmart.

Restrain from all the jam-packed passionate yearnings,

Patience is the key to your locked earnings.

If you die alone then start believing in incarnation,

Someday destiny will take you to your destination.

Try Incentive

Mistakes are like a boomerang they always come back to unerve you,
Follies commited are never a few.
Acknowledge the error of the ways,
In order to have dauntless days.
That doesnt cease you from making your best mistakes,
Get up learn from them and without duplication doing what it takes.
Like a drum you never have to stop beating,
Dreaming prodigiously big while sleeping.
Theres one immutable truth about existence,
It is often more cruel than it is fair it always offers resistance.
Fall in love with the person you are becoming,
Choosing the right path from the beginning.
Watch your step! The devil is captivatingly viscious so be aware,
Or else you will end up being the demons loving heir.
He is going to take you to the lower level,
Regretting you will be diabolically plotting with the devil.
Everyday is going to be an uphill battle never lose hope,
Your master will be harsh so thats where you need to cope.
Only a student has the propensity to defeat his teacher,
Your Master is your mother father and your preacher.
He will stretch you till you perfect your imperfections so honour him,
And no matter what happens he will always be there to cling.
Dont take this too seriously have some cheat days,
Just need to associate with the limits I dont want you concluding in dismays.
Remember sometimes the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest,
Only “sometimes” not everytime so stay motivated and care about yourself neglecting the rest.

Effectively Conspired


With his hands in the air he profiled the helicopter in incredulity,
Sinking on his knees he knew he had concluded way more than his ability.
I am positioned behind liberating twitchiness from my face,
The odds were against and unerringly we needed a powerful lawyer for this case.
In the helicopter his brother removes his headset in agony and fear,
“Oh dear brother what have u done” slips a tear.
We were tagged assassins now,
“Three bullets in Major Muller’s skull for gods sake HOW!?”
Asked the bureaucrat within the 4 grey walls around us,
We didn’t  let a word out “Put em’  in solitary ! It is a must”
The interrogator asked again but this time my head was held high matching his gaze I waited for a punch about it,
Spent 69 days in the solitary still shoulders filled with pride and did not regret a bit.
Jim’s brother owned half of the government as he worked for CIA,
“Save me oh lord my almighty brother from getting hung” Jim pleaded in dismay.
Major Muller’s other profession of betrayal and drug cartel was a facade  to the world,
But to us his corrupt and foul story never stayed untold.
So I guess we did the right thing by sending the drug lord to hell,
Jim’s brother did take us out and luckily we both were fit and well.
6 months passed and I walked free until I was reported “Jim is Dead !”,
A bullet smoothly penetrated through his forehead.
A clear suspicion went on someone associated with Major Muller but who !?,
He impeded in my path of becoming the next drug lord I played smart hah ! it is me you fool!

Love? Nah .. Does not exist in childhood😒

I still remember when I was five and she was six,There was this problem which I always wanted to fix. 

All the time she got the better of me,

One day I will outdo her that was my only plea.

The infantile vengence never came,

But for me it was never a shame.

Circumstances altered and things had taken a quirky phase,

Cupid had shot me ! I lay trapped in love-maze.

People say love is blind,

But in my opinion it is also noble peace and kind.

Running after her and getting those little satisfactions was like a dream,

The monster of despair ran wild inside of me.

The day was not far away when i would face rejection,

Those little satisfactions were just imaginary projections.

Maturity had the upper hand,

The girl remoulded and my heart froze in no mans land.

Realisation came late,

The girl changed,

My life reframed.

She used to be my glass of milk,

But then my butt encoutered the kick .

I drink vodka now ,

I say goodbye to you with a bow .